Are you looking to have things a bit more private and keep your group to only family, friends or just a pair of students.

On Global Explorer we keep things cozy to maximize your course and cruising experience. Our two guest cabins will accommodate singles or pairs very comfortably.

Let's talk!

Family Bonding Time...

We can accommodate a family of four very comfortably. Learn, grow and make some great memories together!

Couples Retreat...

Looking for a great time with a few great friends! Learn, cruise and share the sights and experierences!

Small and Intimate...

Looking for a smaller, more concentrated learning experience. We can keep the boat cozy with two students aboard.

Prices vary based on the size of group, length of trip and extend of customization of your itinerary. Call and we'll discuss your options.

Call us... 


Flexible course dates

Sailing is a 12 month sport, depending your your adventure level. Contact us to discuss your schedule and adventure level. 


s/v Global Explorer is located at the 

Sidney North Saanich Marina

1949 Marina Way, North Saanich, BC. V8L 6B3

If you would like to book your course now or have any questions or comments, please drop me a message.

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